How To Create an Excel Sheet for Weeding

Destiny - Creating an Excel Sheet for 0 Checkouts With Date Acquired

  1. Open new Excel File (Blank Workbook Template)

  2. Open Destiny

    1. Reports

      1. Library Reports

        1. Statistics

          1. Title/Copy Data

            1. Insert Call Numbers (a shorter run is better i.e., FIC AAA to FIC CZZ is better than FIC AAA to FIC ZZZ) This can also be Dewey Numbers or whatever range you’d like (DON’T check Include associated Patron Data)

            2. Click Extract

            3. Refresh list in Job Manager until it is finished.

            4. Click View.

            5. Click on XML FILE (underlined in blue)

            6. Save.

            7. Remember where you saved it!

3. Open your Excel Sheet

  1. Data (top Tags)

    1. From Other Sources (middle left)

      1. From XML Data Import

        1. Pop Up

          1. File Name: Click on where you saved it.

          2. Click Open

Open Popup [The specified XML source does not refer to a schema. Excel will create a schema based on the XML source data.:] Click OK

Import Data Popup [Where do you want to put the data? XML table in existing worksheet: SAS1]: Click OK

4. There are a number of columns you won’t need and you can Click on the Letter over the column (i.e. A - Date Generated) so that the column highlights and right mouse click Delete Table Columns.

You will probably only want to keep: Copy Barcode, Call Number, Title, Date Acquired (the Second one!), Total Circulations, Publication Year.

5. To sort your list into 0 Circulations

  1. Click on the Arrow by Total Circulations

  2. Click Sort Smallest to Largest.

  3. Select the entire rows of the items with more than 0 circulations

  4. Right mouse click in the shaded part and click Delete - Table Rows

6. Sort into Date acquired

  1. Now Click on the Arrow by Date Acquired and Sort Oldest to Newest

  2. Decide which year you want to keep up to and Select the rows after that and delete them.

7. Sort into Publication Date

  1. Click on the arrow by Publication Year and sort Smallest to Largest

  2. Decide which year you want to keep up to and Select the rows after that and delete them.

8. Now you can go back to Call Number and Sort A to Z. Obviously there will be items on there that you aren’t going to weed, but this is a bit of a help!