Decimal Equivalents Chart

Millimeter Fraction Inch Chart

Graph Paper:

Quarter Inch Graph Paper

Half Inch Graph Paper

Inch Graph Paper

Graph Paper Generator (Make your own.)


Types of Screws (Image)

Wood Screw Chart

Wood Screw Pilot Hole Chart

Types of Nails (Image)

Nail Chart

Another Nail Chart


Compound Miter Angle Chart

Glue Chart

Drill Bit Speed Chart

Drill Press Speed Chart

Nailing Hints


How To Use A Handsaw


Common Wood Joinery (Image) Corner Butt (Image)

Tee Butt (Image) Dowel Reinforced Butt Joint (Image)

Dowel Joint (Image) Corner Half Lap (Image)

Tee Half Lap (Image) Cross Half Lap (Image)

Dovetail Half Lap (Image) Miter Joint (Image)

Box Joint (Image) Dovetail (Image)

Rabbet Joint (Image) Bridle Joint (Image)

Mortise and Tenon Joint (Image) Dado Joint (Image)

Stopped Dado (Image)


Glossary of Woodworking Terms

Construction Glossary

Wood Science:

Reading the Rings of a Tree Tree Leaves and Needles

How a Tree Eats and Drinks Tree Seeds

How a Tree Grows Matching Puzzle

Why We Need Trees Matching Puzzle

Identifying Trees Matching Puzzle

Trees Protect Water Matching Puzzle

Tree Layers (Image) Stump (Image)

Wood Anatomy

Properties of Wood:

Understanding Board Sizes Lumber Dimension Chart

Wood Sampler Annual Rings and Shrinkage (Image)

Lumber Defects Lumber Grades (Chart)

Milling and Cutting (Image)

Plain Rift Quartersawn Cuts (Image)

Quartersawn Oak Example (Image)

Plain Sawn Oak Example (Image)

Rift Sawn Oak Example (Image)

Videos & Presentations:

Properties of Wood

Wood Use .ppt Structure of Wood .ppt

History of America's Forests (video)

Reclaiming Old Growth Lumber (video)

Restored Sawmill (video)

Modern Sawmill (video)

What Tree Rings Show Us (video)