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Word Puzzles for ESL Students

English as a Second Language students looking for a fun way to test their knowledge of vocabulary words can do it with this series of interactive word puzzles. Colors, minerals, months, vegetables, car parts, fruits, musical instruments and sports are just a few of the puzzle categories. There are also puzzles that work on intransitive verbs, non-countable nouns and words that act as nouns and verbs. Almost all of the word search puzzles on this page need web browsers that support java, but there are a few that you can print out.

URL: http://www.manythings.org/o/

Slang for ESL Students

American slang is different from British slang because of American history and culture. As the nation grew and developed, so did the variety of words and expressions. The American casual way of speaking was influenced by things such as cowboys, sports, immigrants, the building of the railroad, and even games. As a result, the word "shopaholic" came after the development of shopping malls and increased spending. Here you will find: Slang Adjectives, Slang Nouns, Slang Verbs, Slang Greetings, and the Idiom of the Week. Take a short quiz and find out if you understand American Slang.

URL: http://www.schandlbooks.com/AmericanSlangAbout.html

ESL PartyLand

Working under the belief that the best way to study and learn the English language is to practice it, Karin's ESL PartyLand has a wealth of resources for English as a Second Language students. The quiz center offers interactive quizzes to test your knowledge. The more than fifteen discussion forums allow ESL students and teachers to share ideas, tips and study help, and an email pen pal exchange system allows ESL students a place to practice their written English skills, as well.

URL: http://www.eslpartyland.com/students/inter.htm

ESL Resources for Students

A long list of online resources for English as a Second Language students is available through the Purdue University Online Writing Lab. Here you'll find the handouts that the OWL uses, as well as internet resources from outside sites. The topics covered include: General resources, Online courses, Grammar and Spelling, Idioms and Vocabulary. You can also follow the links to get help with specific tasks or take online quizzes and tests. Links to other interesting sites, plus links to more OWL ESL resources, are also provided.

URL: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/678/01/

My Hometown Project

You must provide:

1) A Google doc with information about your hometown. (20 marks)

2) A Google slideshow with at least 10 photo/videos to support your google doc. (20 marks)


That you will learn more about acceptable research mediums used in North American secondary and post-secondary institutions.

You will learn how to use: Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Share, Google slides, Google search, Noodle Tools, Databases (provided by the librarian), library books, citations, primary sources, secondary sources, and Google refined resources.


Each day there will be 1 main objective for you to complete.

You will be expected to report on the research processes you’ve used and your chosen topic for your presentation/research.

We want to know more about you and where you are from!

And we want you to know how to do a research assignment!

So, here goes!

Trial Shared Doc

English Ten 10 My Hometown Project Document

Primary And Secondary Sources


Use Noodletools to create your Bibliography.

Noodletools How-to Videos


Encyclopedia Britannica Online


Username: pcslibrary2

The password is the usual one


Username: pcslibrary The password is the usual one