100 Things To Do with Books

100 Things to Do with Books

  1. Discuss how the main character is like or unlike people you know.

  2. Pretend you're one character and introduce the other characters to your class.

  3. As an interior decorator, how would you decorate a character's bedroom and why?

  4. Invite one character to dinner and write a note of explanation to your mother.

  5. Invite three celebrities to a party for the main character and explain your choice.

  6. Write a page about a character beginning with the sentence: "I was (any verb) by ..."

  7. Make a time line of the events in the life of the main character.

  8. Write a chronology for one character.

  9. Make up five interview questions (with answers) for the main character.

  10. Explain where you think the main character will die.

  11. For a film of your book, which actress would you choose for the leading female and why?

  12. For a film of your book, which actor would you choose for the leading male and why?

  13. Explain what the main character would prefer for Christmas and why?

  14. Explain where the main character would prefer to vacation and why.

  15. Explain what the main character would prefer for dinner and why.

  16. Explain what the main character would prefer to wear and why.

  17. Make a map of your book.

  18. Compare where you live with the neighborhood or town in your book.

  19. Draw the setting of your book and explain it.

  20. Write to the author and explain your reaction to his book.

  21. Write to the author and explain why his book appeals to your age group.

  22. Make up five interview questions (with answers) for the author.

  23. Pretend you're the author and explain why you chose the title of your book.

  24. Pretend you're the author and describe the part that was most fun to write.

  25. Pretend you're the author and tell what else you've written.

  26. Pretend you're the author and tell about your life and how this book fits into it.

  27. Tell what you think happened before the story began.

  28. Imagine that you're an eighteenth century student: How would you react to your book?

  29. If your story took place one hundred years earlier, how would your main character act?

  30. If your main character is from the past, how would he act if the book took place today?

  31. If you were a man from Mars, how would you react to your book?

  32. Describe what you think happened to the main character after the book ended.

  33. Explain why your book should be included in a capsule to be dug up in one hundred years.

  34. Make a horoscope for the main character explaining his sign and his future.

  35. Compare your book with another book you've read.

  36. Describe an experience you've had that was like the experience of a character.

  37. Compare your book with a movie or TV show of the same kind.

  38. Design a book cover for your book.

  39. Draw a comic strip of your book.

  40. Draw a portrait of your favourite character and explain something about it.

  41. Make any kind of illustration for your book (drawing, chart, graph) and explain it.

  42. Cut words or pictures from the newspaper to make a collage or ad for your book.

  43. Make a "WANTED" poster for the main character.

  44. Make a "thumbprint" book about your book (the figures come from thumbs dipped in paint" and write captions for these illustrations.

  45. Make a bulletin board about your book.

  46. Create a poster for your book.

  47. Write an ad for your book.

  48. Make a bookmark for your book.

  49. Collect pictures that go with your book and describe each.

  50. Write out your title decoratively and for each letter write a phrase about the book.

  51. Deliver a sales talk for your book.

  52. Make a tape about your book.

  53. Write ten discussion questions for your book.

  54. Dramatize your favorite incident.

  55. As a famous movie star, you have been asked to play a character: explain your answer.

  56. Write a TV commercial for your book.

  57. Make a TV script for one scene of your book.

  58. Play "What's My Line" with one character: write out questions to portray him.

  59. As a movie producer, explain why you will or will not make your book into a movie.

  60. Explain how your book could be made into a movie: clothes, setting, cars, props, etc.

  61. Write any kind of poem about your book.

  62. Write a letter to a friend describing this book you are going to send him.

  63. Write a different ending for your book.

  64. Keep a journal as you read your book: your reactions, thoughts, feelings.

  65. Write a five-line "easy" poem about your book: a noun, then two adjectives, then three verbs, then a thought about the noun, and finally a synonym for the noun.

  66. Write two articles for a newspaper published at the time of or in the country of your book.

  67. Write an obituary for one character.

  68. Write a diary for your favorite character.

  69. Make a small dictionary (at least twenty-five words) for the subject of your book.

  70. List fifteen interesting words from your book and tell why each is interesting.

  71. List new words learned from your book: Define them and give the sentences in which you found them.

  72. Choose some of the following words and explain how each applies to your book: stupendous, exciting, breathtaking, horrendous, fabulous, etc.

  73. Quote passages of good description and good dialogue and explain them.

  74. Find and write down twenty-five similes and metaphors.

  75. Think about who the narrator is: then write one scene from the point of view of another character and explain the switch.

  76. Do research on any topic connected with your book.

  77. In the "Reader's Guide" find five articles related to your book and tell how they apply.

  78. Find a quotation applicable to your book and tell how it applies.

  79. See if your book is in the library: then write a letter to the librarian either congratulating her for choosing it or asking her to order it.

  80. Find a poem which applies to your book: write it out and explain how it applies.

  81. Make a job application for the main character and fill it in.

  82. What did you learn about the vocation of the leading adult character?

  83. Find newspaper want ads of interest to a character and explain why.

  84. As a psychiatrist, analyse the conflicts and problems of a character.

  85. Would you like to have a character as a friend? Explain.

  86. Defend: This book should be read by everyone who hates reading.

  87. Defend: This book should never be spoiled by a teacher requiring a book report.

  88. Free choice: Do anything you want in connection with your book.

  89. How many reasons can you think of to take your book to an isolated Antarctica camp?

  90. Describe a field trip you would like to take because of your book.

  91. Write one page on this: Why ...... should not read this book.

  92. Make a crossword puzzle from your book.

  93. Write a business letter to the publisher and order copies of your book; explain why.

  94. From the yellow pages of a phone book, pick out businesses you think the main character would be interested in and explain why.

  95. How did the book change your way of thinking?

  96. Use this as a topic sentence, "This book made me (any verb)."

  97. Explain what the main character would be least likely to do and why.

  98. Did any character change during the book? Explain how and why.

  99. What problems did the main characters have and how did they meet them?

  100. If the book has a villain, was his punishment justified?

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