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Court Decisions Assignment:

Frank Calder vs British Columbia 1973

Gertrude Guerin vs The Queen 1984

Ronald Sparrow vs The Queen 1990

Dorothy Van der Peet vs The Queen 1996

House of Delgamuukw vs British Columbia 1997

Steve and Roddy Powley vs Ontario 2003

Research information on the case you have been assigned and provide the following information in your Google Document Presentation

    1. Title of the case/ case reference # ie. S.C.R. 507

    2. Who was the claimant/plaintiff/appellant?

    3. Who was the defendant/respondent?

    4. Were there any intervenors?

    5. Facts of the case

    6. What were the issues or questions of law raised?

    7. Court Decisions: Supreme court and prior court decisions

    8. What was the reasoning or rationale for the decision?

    9. Was any precedence established for future cases?

    10. What was the significance of this case?

    11. What are your thoughts and opinion


- 20-25 min

- 8-10 slides – keep information on slides brief and concise

- pictures and short video clips ( no more than 3 min) encouraged

- Involve your classmates through discussion and or interactive activities. ie questions, game, crossword, trivia game, small group activity, word search.

Powerpoint Rubric:

See attachments below

Case Citation:

Example: before 1999

R v Oakes, (1984) 1 SCR 321

R = prosecuted by Crown

1984 = year of report

SCR = Supreme Court Reports

1 = volume

321 = page

Example: after 1999

Chaolli vs Quebec, 2005 SCC 35

2005 = year of decision

SCC = Supreme Court of Canada

35 = ordinal number

Reference Sites:

Data Bases

Encyclopedia of BC

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QP Legaleze:

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This site will provide you access to the current and historical BC Legislation.

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Canadian Periodical Index

CPI.Q, the electronic version of the Canadian Periodical Index, provides the most-requested Canadian reference information available.

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Canadian Encyclopedia

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