Google Searching in French

At the Google home page type your search term.

Go to the Cog Settings icon in the upper right of the results page.

In Advanced Search type your search term and under Language select French from the drop-down box.

Click "Advanced Search" and Voila! there you will find a listing of French websites about your topic.

You can also select France as your region (or Canada, or Haiti, etc.) to get sites only from those regions.

It's much easier to research this way for a French essay than to search in English and try to translate into French.

The Bible in French

Click on the Chapter and verse you wich to read. Then click on the audio at the top of that page.

General French Sites

Zut! is a terrific site that contains plenty of online interactive activities organized by year group. Year 7 resources include an opportunity to listen to conversations about holidays and decide if they are true or false. The more difficult words are highlighted and may be selected for a translation. In addition to audio clips, there are word searches, crosswords, worksheets and other interesting resources.

The Kids Page from the Embassy of France in the U.S. provides basic information about the country and its culture. Available in English or French.

The Francais section of Languages Online features games and activities for beginning French learners. The site was created by a teacher in the United Kingdom.

The Internet Picture Dictionary allows students to look up words or do online flashcards, word scrambles, fill in the letter and other simple word activities. Site contains advertising.

Voyage a Kitigaaryuk is an illustrated story from the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Students can explore the culture and history of the Inuvialuit as they join Jacques, a young visitor from France, his Inuvialuit pen pal Roy, and Roy's family on their journey from Tuktoyaktuk to the ancient village of Kitigaaryuk.

At Les Premieres Nations a l'Epoque de la Nouvelle France, from the Canadian Museum of Civilization, students can learn about the Algonquin, Inuit, Iriquois, and Plains Indian people.

Traditions de Noel au France et au Canada explores holiday traditions. The site is from the museums of France and Canada.

French Christian Resources