Biography Assignment


At the end of this assignment you will have learned how to:

  1. Use Google Drive.

  2. Use Google Docs and Slides.

  3. Not plagiarize.

  4. Make a bibliography with Noodletools.

    1. Cite a book.

    2. Cite a Database.

    3. Cite a website.

    4. Cite a picture.

  5. Take notes from a source and then write from your notes.

  6. Think about deeper questions.

  7. Use Britannica Online.

  8. Use Proquest.

  9. Use a rubric to discern how well you've done with your work.

  10. Make good use of your time.

  11. Discern character traits.

  12. Apply lessons learned from your person to your life.

Library Catalogue

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Use to keep track of your sources.

Check out Noodletools How-to Videos


Encyclopedia Britannica Online

Username: pcslibrary2

The password is the usual one.

World Book Online

Username: pcslibrary

The password is the usual one.

Ebsco Host

Username: pcslibrary

Password is the usual one

No More Plagiarism
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