Human Development Erikson's Theory


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Very Well Mind Good description of stages, infographic, charts and video.

Marysville University Concise description of the 8 stages. Infographic.

Good Therapy  Concise description. Also looks at the theory critically, discussing its limitations.

Structural Learning Expanded description of the stages. Video of Erikson discussing his work. Infographics and illustrations. (No need to sign up to see this page)

Online Social work Degree Concise explanation. Also discusses the assumption, applications, and strengths and weaknesses of the theory.

Simply Psychology A fuller explanation of the stages, developing information on the conflicts within each stage, and what success or failure looks like at each stage.  Looks at strengths and weakness of the theory. Table and references.

National Library of Medicine Clear explanation of the stages. Good references to look deeper.

Healthline  Simpler explanation of the stages and how they relate to parenting. Chart and References.

Positive Psychology Clear explanation of stages. Video. Criticism of the theory.