Psychological Disorders Project


Today you were asked to draw a celebrity’s name out of a baggie. Each of these folks you selected from have been diagnosed with a Psychological disorder at some point in their lives.

The rationale behind this initial research is to see the face of a real person who has suffered and in most cases undergone treatment. Your job is to personalize these diagnoses by introducing these people to the rest of the class.

The second part of this assignment is to teach the class about a psychological disorder in an interesting way.

A number of you will have selected individuals who have similar diagnoses. You have the option of pairing up or researching on your own.

Research/presentation should include:

  1. Who the individual is and what they have accomplished, both professionally and personally. Include details about their life (eg. Where they live, marriage, children, etc.),

  2. A description of the primary population affected by this disorder (gender, age, etc.),

  3. A description of the primary symptoms experienced by people who are diagnosed with this disorder. (How has their diagnosis affected their life? How has it manifested?)

  4. A description of factors contributing to this disorder (i.e., genetic predisposition, stressors, etc.) and

  5. A description of successful treatment of this disorder (therapy, medication, etc.). Has the treatment of this disorder changed over time? If info is available, has treatment been pursued by this individual? Was it successful for the individual you selected?

  6. Include a short film clip or a skit that provides a visual of what this disorder looks/feels like for those diagnosed and those who support individuals with this disorder.

  7. Use at least 4 sources (including a Psych textbook) and include these in your bibliography.


Psychology Resources

Movie Clips

Biography Web Sites

Biographical Dictionary

Info Please




Dictionary of Canadian Biography

Encyclopedia of World Biography

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