Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the essay scavenger hunt!

This assignment is designed to give you a taste of the many, many, many websites about essay writing. The most important lesson for today: when you get stuck, search the world wide web. Writing help is never more than a click away.

To Get Started: Google search “essay”, “essay examples”, “english essay”, “how to write an essay” ,“essay topics” and other similar categories. Use at least THREE – that’s 3 – different websites to answer these questions:

1. What is a literary essay?

2. What is an academic essay?

3. What other types of essays are there?

4. What are the major parts / components of an essay?

5. What steps are involved in writing an essay?

6. Write out three essay prompts / topics for essays that you might enjoy writing.

7. Print a sample essay that you think is both interesting and well written. Staple it to this handout.

8. List the websites you used (there must be at least three):

9. Put a star beside the website you though was the most helpful. Explain why it is so good.

To check out some of the peridocals that feature good essays, go to the start page of ELibrary Canada (ask Mrs. Watts for the username, and password if you don't remember).

Click Browse Periodicals.

Next check the magazine box only and scroll through to find Harper's and Atlantic Monthly.