What have the Romans done for us, anyway?

A teenager's life in Rome:

A series of videos on Rome (this is an AWESOME resource!!!):

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A sacrificial blade forged at the birth of the Roman empire holds the key to an ancient and bloody conspiracy that threatens to erupt into the present day.

Stranded in 21st century Tunis, Adam Foster is plunged into a world of greed, betrayal and murder. But who has the blade, and can the killers be stopped?

Pit your wits against the remorseless Artificial Intelligence engine of the Battlefield Academy, in four challenging historical missions.

The computer will be your enemy as you seek to gain tactical battlefield experience. You will only graduate when you have won every mission.

Dress a gladiator for battle in the Roman arena of death.

Your choice of weapons and armour will decide whether or not he is victorious.

Will the emperor grant your gladiator his freedom, or will he fight badly and lose his honour, or even his life?

Dig up the past in the Dig It Up: Romans game.

Videos: Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire BBC Documentary