Canada in WWII

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355 WEB Canada's Wars: An Illustrated History

358.43 MCC Air Aces: the Lives and Times of Twelve Canadian Fighter Pilots

758 OLI Canvas of War

940.4 HEA Testaments of honour: personal histories of Canada's war veterans

940.54 BIS Unsung courage: 20 stories of Canadian valour and sacrifice

940.53 HIC Japanese Canadian internment in the Second World War

940.54 BAI Letters to Harvelyn From Japanese POW camps: A Canadian soldier's letters to his young daughter during World War II.

940.54 BRE On Juno Beach: Canada's D-Day Heroes

940.54 CAN The Canadians at War 1939/45

940.54 COP Fields of fire: the Canadians in Normandy

940.54 INT In the clutch of circumstance: reminiscences of members of the Canadian National Prisoners of War Association

971 FIN History of the Canadian peoples 1867 to the present

971.06 NEL Crisis at home and abroad: the Great Depression, World War II, and beyond, 1929-1959

940.54 GRA Nation forged in fire: Canadians and the Second World War 1939-1945

940.54 MOW The Regiment.

940.54 TAK A child in prison camp

940.54 ZUE Assault on Juno

940.54 ZUE Ortona street fight

971 BOT The Penguin history of Canada

971 DOU The complete idiot's guide to Canadian history: the simple way to learn about your country, all the facts and dates from before Confederation to present

971 FER Canadian history for dummies.

971 HAY Canada: an illustrated history

971 LUN The Story of Canada

971 WIN The blacks in Canada: a history

971.06 BRO Years of sorrow, years of shame: the story of the Japanese Canadians in World War II

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Official History of the Canadian Army in the Second World War

The Second World War as a National Experience


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