Indigenous Peoples

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Other Online Resources

Aboriginal Canadian Populations

Maps of the First Nations in 1630, 1740, 1823

First Nations in BC

Simple info about the BC First Nations tribes

History of the Native Peoples of Canada

A great resource that takes a bit of work

First Nations Languages

A document which includes maps of where what languages are spoken.

Tribal Index

Info about 80 western Native American tribes on the search bar on the left of the page

Compact Histories

Short histories of various First Nations

Beothuk Resources

Weblinks to all things Beothuk

Search for your particular tribe

Canada's First Nations

Histories of Canada's First Nations peoples

First Nations in the Time of New France

Excellent Resource

Aboriginal Peoples

Beothuk, Innu, Innuit, Micmac, and Metis

Native Pre-Contact Housing

Map and info on different native housing styles

Portal of Particular Groups and Communities

This is tricky. There are drop downs from the photos that tell about many FN topics. Poor design, lots of info!