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Who wrote the Christian Gospels? Exploring the 4 Evangelists

Were the Writers of the Four Gospels Qualified to Write About Jesus?

What are the Gospels and Why are there Four of Them?

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1 Timothy 

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To do:

                    Marked /12

                    4 - Research

                    Did you answer all of the questions thoroughly? Are your sources reliable? (Christian Studies Tools is your friend!)

                    Do you have a Works Cited page with MLA formatted sources ( is your friend!)?

                    4 - Presentation

                        Did you clearly explain the background information and key details of your letter?

                               Can you answer questions about it?

                    4 - Handout

                        Is your handout neatly organized? Is it proofread and spell-checked?

                                Did you put effort into making it look nice?

                               Would you want this for a study guide to your letter? Because it is one.


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Paul's Epistles Overview

Martyrs Resources

General Description:

List of Saints:

Timeline of Early Church History:

The Ten Primitive Persecutions:

Catholic Encyclopedia

Books Online (Search within these by clicking Ctrl f)

Foxes Book of Martyrs,

The Lives of the Fathers, Martyrs, and Principal Saints, by Alban Butler

Epochs of the Old Testament

A poem by Tovin Allers:

The cosmos was made in 6 swift days,

It could have been made in diff’rent ways

The patriarchs came and they founded the nations,

There was Abraham, Jacob and others of creation

The Israelites traveled in an exodus,

They found the land that “is meant for us”

They came to Canaan and invaded the land,

Them and their fierce warrior band

The Judges were wise but they had no bling

The Jews weren’t happy they wanted a king

After the rule of Sol’mon the wise,

The kingdom split up and severed their ties

They were really bad and they broke all the rules,

They became slaves in Bab’lon, what a bunch o’ fools

Two tribes were left, they were good to the Lord,

They returned to their land and they read the word

What happened next, we don’t really know,

Nothing had happened and nothing was shown

That went on for four centuries long,

Let’s praise the Lord, let’s sing him our song!

An overview Poplet:

Cult Overview

Identifying a cult


Cult: A Theological Definition (Keep scrolling)


Cult Comparison Chart


Another Chart


Yet Another Chart