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Keirsey Personality Test:

The 16 Personalities

Team Technology MMDI Personality Test

Personality Pathways:

Big 5 Personality Test

Hexaco Personality Test

Similar Minds Jungian Personality Test

Human Metrics Jung Typology Test

Watchword Jungian Personality Test

This one takes a little longer and you need to click start on the middle right of the diagram.

Enneagram Test

There are 2 tests on here: one you answer questions, and for the other, you rank yourself between two traits

Four Tendencies Test

High 5 Strengths Test

For Fun

Star Wars Personality Test

Big Five Movie Star Test

Hogwarts House Test

Articles Questioning the MBTI

Learn More about Personality Traits

in Chapters 13, 14 (start page 357) in this book:

Personality Traits, Second Edition Cambridge University Press

About the Personality Types

Personality Page

A quick overview of all the types. Click below each to see a more detailed view.

Type Logic

Lots of information about all the 16 types

Profiles of the 16 Personality Types

Has a lot of info about each type. After you've chosen your type make sure you click on the greyed box at the bottom of the page to take you to the next part of the description (i.e. At Work). Don't bother to do the Personality test on this site: you have to pay for results.

Oddly Developed Types

Has a ton of information not found on other free sites. Don't bother signing up. Just click on one of the 16 types along the top.

Personality Junkie

Provides an overview of the stages of type development for each of the types. Includes an in-depth analysis of the functions and ”functional stack” for each type. Explore the challenges related to each type’s inferior function.

Celebrity Types

Example of various famous and infamous celebrities in history (mostly this is conjecture, of course!). Take this with a grain of salt!

Team Technology UK

Click on the personality types in the Chart.

Once you're into the type don't forget to click on the other information in the Pages square on the middle right.

16 Personalities

Some really good info on this site about strengths and weaknesses, but this looks like it might be a front for a dating site, and you have to pay for an "in-depth profile", so beware!!!

However, if you click on the blue links at the bottom of the page you will find info about your types: Strengths and weaknesses, Romantic Relationships, Friendships, Parenthood, Career Paths and Workplace Habits.


Click on the Personality Types listed on the right sidebar to read about each type. Once you're into your type, you will find red links at the bottom about: Best Job Fit, Strategies for Dealing With Stress at Work, Women and Romance, Men and Romance.

Enneagram Types Explained

After you've done the Enneagram Test, click on your type to read more about it.

Enneagram Types

Info Sheets About the 16 Personalities





Careers for the 16 personalities

Princeton Review Career Quiz

Answer some questions to get some career suggestions based on your interests and personality

Also look at the Info Sheets above.

These sites, listed above also have a career component: