Map Of Canada Games

Sporkle: Canadian Capitals

Enter the matching capital in the box and theCorrectly named capitals will show up on a map of Canada

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Provinces and territories in Canada and their capitals

Match the capitals of the provinces and territories in Canada on the right with the correct provinces or territories on the left.

The CANADA Capitals Quiz

Type the answers to the questions.

Map of Europe Games

European Geography

In the European Geography web site, you may need to hold down Ctrl as you click on the link for it to open the game (when the PLAY icon comes up).

Countries of Europe

Countries of Europe: You must spell the country correctly.


Click on the country on the map as its name comes up.


This is a variation on Tetris using the countries of Europe. Manover them into their correct positions using the arrow keys.

Falling Countries

Drag the falling country map to its correct spot on the European map.