Hunger Hurts


World Food Clock is a constantly updating set of figures in real-time, showing various statistics such as the world’s food produced, consumed, and wasted. Scrolling down, you will also see other stats such as agriculture resources, and the number of starving people.

Bread for the World Seeking justice ending hunger

Feeding Minds Fighting Hunger international classroom for exploring the problems

In sight News TV Lots of videos from around the world.

World Bank Working for a world free of poverty.

Harvest Project Focused on preventing homelessness before it starts

Global Issues that Effect Everyone Excellent site with lots of info on poverty issues

World Vision Canada How to get involved and more

Opportunity Canada Micro finance for entrepreneurial poor.

United Nations Search is at the lower left

One World News about human rights awareness and poverty.

Make Poverty History Send a message to your MP.

Food for the Hungry Meet the physical and spiritual needs of the poor

Food First 12 Myths about Hunger Why so much hunger and what can we do about it?

One Org Campaign to make poverty history. American

UN World Food Programme Click on the map to find out what's happening .

Micah Challenge Campaign to mobilize Christians against poverty.

The Sharing Way From Canadian Baptist Ministries

Unicef Search on top left toolbar.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN Helping to build a world without hunger.

Freedom from Hunger Working in 7 countries around the world.

CIA World Factbook Pretend you're Sydney Bristow!

CARE On left click Care's Work to find out more

Canadian Council of Churches Charities Regulations for charitable orgs. in Canada

Canadian International Development Agency What Canada is doing about hunger around the world

Canadian Foodgrains Bank ranks among the largest private food aid providers in the world. Donations made by Canadians have helped Canadian Foodgrains Bank and its members provide over 1,000,000 metric tonnes of food to people who are hungry throughout the world.