Stoves and Fuel Types

Stoves Presentation


Stove Safety

  • Check fuel lines, valves and connections for leaks before lighting stove.

  • Let stove cool completely before changing cartridges or adding fuel.

  • Change or add fuel outside the tent and away from open flames.

  • Do not use stove inside the tent unless absolutely necessary (if it won’t run otherwise or you are at risk of hypothermia).

If you must use it in the tent:

      • Light the stove outside and bring it in once it is running smoothly.

      • Cook near the tent door for better ventilation and in case you need to throw the stove outside if it catches on fire.

      • Provide plenty of ventilation so Carbon Monoxide does not build up inside the tent.

Stove Assignment

Camp Stove Advertising Project

You will create a pamphlet/poster advertising a camp stove.

Choose a stove that might be suited for trips you are likely to do in the future.

The stove you choose will be from the following list:

  1. Cartridge Stove

  2. White Gas Stove with Integral Fuel Tank

  3. Cartridge Stove with Integral Pot

  4. White Gas Stove using Fuel Bottle as a Tank

  5. Multi-fuel Stove using Fuel Bottle as a Tank

  6. Cartridge Stove with a Flexible Hose

  7. Hanging Cartridge Stove and Cook Pot

Research stoves using the sites below under Stove Links

Your pamphlet will include:

  • The type of stove you have been assigned.

  • The name of the stove model

  • Price

  • The advantages of this stove over other stoves types

  • The type of fuel is uses

  • The advantages of this fuel type

  • The best uses for this type of stove

  • Accessories available for this type of stove

  • General maintenance required for this stove

  • Photos of this stove

Make the pamphlet on 8 ½ x 11 paper.

Use Word or similar program.

Include colour, pictures and phrases to sell your stove!

Stove Links

Clear advice.

Awesome site with great explanations, a video, etc.

Walks you through various aspects

More technical information

Camping Stove Reviews

Comparison of Stove Fuels

(From Mountaineering – The Freedom of the Hills 8th Ed. Published by The Mountaineers, 2010)

And for fun How to Build a Pop-can Stove